New age has begun

I don’t write this to explain my ways nor to justify what I have become (because at this point what difference does it make?) I don’t feel any shame or guilt any longer. The old order of things are gone. A new age has begun. 

The cursed started when I was 9. I saw an actual demon beside my bed. It looked like a short, bald, naked, ancient man with sun burnt, wrinkled skin. He didn’t cast a spell nor did he say a word. He just cackled shortly with an unbelievably loud noise. I was paralyzed by panic. The sound of his short ugly laugh was loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood but no one was awaked. Or no one cared to come to my help. He vanished. Then it all began. 

First I began to see vague visions. About a lovely gentlewoman in extreme poverty. And about being jailed in a small birdcage. And about torture. And about the eternal sun. Then visions occuring in real life. First of all the sweet lady came about. She was far away from his troubled family. We lived and walked together for four years of pure leisure. To be honest, the next two visions actually never happened. I was never locked up in a birdcage or being tortured. Though these things could have made my story sound much more plausible to many of you, I’m not a dystopian novelist or anything of that kind. I’m just here to tell you about certain common unfortunate experiences in my life and there is basically no point in portraying myself unrealistically hapless. 

Then the last vision came. The eternal spiritual sun. Age of reason and enlightenment began. Men became gods and good gods abandoned us. The evil and mean-spirited ones tantalized us with false prophecies. Sun never set. All people on earth gradually turned to short, bald, ugly, ancient men. Sun burned our skin and made it wrinkled. The women of the world were no more. No queen reigned over heaven. No queen brought us the night. There was only an infinite sleepless day and infinite wisdom and short, bald, grumpy men. The God was no more. For the first things passed.

This sad story is brought you by: #fowc

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