German Idealism Brew Bar Roleplaying Gang

Despite all our differences we had something in common. We were all living in our parents apartment in our 40s.

The main figure in our small society was Fred. He was an intellectual and a social network activist. He spent most of his time arguing with people on the internet. His eminent idea was that the world became a terrible place after the wrong side won the Second World War. He claimed he had access to government classified information. He believed he was good at history but he barely knew anything about the world prior to the twentieth century. He was a huge fan of Sir Oswald Mosely and thought his father was fooled into fighting for the Jews. Non of us liked our fathers but he hated his with purple passion.

Then we had Richard. Our dungeon master and composer. Compared to Fred he was far less grumpy. He made good music but most people didn’t like his works only because they were too long. Just like Fred he was a pagan but he had some ideas about monotheism which he mostly kept for himself in the fear of being called a Judeophile.

And last but not least we had Ludwig the prince. His father was a catholic monarch. We were all pretty excited that we had someone of noble blood in our community. He was exceedingly wealthy, shy, and friendly. He was different from the rest of us since he actually didn’t care about politics, race, religion, and wars in Europe. He was often bullied by all of us. Even by me because even though I always admired him in my heart, I feared I would end up being bullied if I didn’t join others in mocking him.

We gathered daily in a brew bar to discuss philosophy and theology and politics and also to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Our discussions usually followed a fixed pattern. First we talked about degeneracy and things that were wrong in our society. Then Fred related the degeneracies of our society with the result of the Second World War and Judaism and then everyone except for Prince Ludwig said bad things about Jewish theology and then we began role playing which were designed by Richard’s brilliant and creative brain.

This could have become our daily routine but our small society split up.

It began like this: One day Richard came up with a fantastic idea about role playing: he wanted us to play in the setting of a medieval Spanish legend about knights of holy grail. Fred was astonished and called Richard a race traitor. Prince Ludwig who was obviously fascinated by the idea tried to calm the Aryan intellectual by saying the historical fact that medieval knights too were against Jews and usury but Fred called him a papist (which Ludwig didn’t find offensive). Since we all wanted to play the medieval role playing, Fred for the first time saw himself in a situation in which everyone was against him. He finally accepted to play but we all knew that our group would never be the same. Few days later Fred told us that he would stop playing with us and wanted to write a book about Zoroaster. We stopped seeing each other ever since. Nevertheless our fame made us know about one another after we split up.

Ludwig’s father passed away. He became king (only a figurehead). Richard became a famous composer and changed the course of european music. He made enough money to leave his parents house but he didn’t know how to keep money and it made him always in debt. Fred lost his mind and died shortly after writing his masterpiece. My fate though, was humble. I began to think about our parents. Men and women of selfless devotion to their country and to their “one God”. Men who took arms each time they were asked to. Men and women who never questioned authority. This thoughts made me overly sensitive and to some extent doleful. I was no longer thinking about politics. Instead I became a dervish and adopt a cat and tried to practice the sort of selfless love our Victorian era parents were so fond of.

I converted to the Church of England and ended up being a liberal and a utilitarianist. Since non of us were actual Germans I never felt I was betraying anything.

This meaningless story is brought you by following prompts:

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