Tales of a Wise Seer

Back in the dark age where thrones were empty and altars were abandoned there was a powerful seer living in the wilderness called Marcellus.

He wore a long wizard hat and had a long grey beard. He was the only thing savages feard and respected. They made loads of legends about him most of which was just nonsense. Of course he couldn’t shape shift and he had no reason to do so. He couldn’t curse young babies and he would never do such a thing even if he could. Theoretically, what was the most important thing about him was his prophecies. But locals often regarded them to be boring and meaningless. Even though savages had mixed feeling about him it is safe to say they behaved better when he was around.

He had this idea that we should do everything in our power to reduce the suffering in the world. If there were animals in pain he wouldn’t just euthanized them but he would take them to veternary and did not care about the cost.

We have a lot in common with the people of that era and that is precisely why we can (and should) learn and use his wisdom. Consider this legend about Marcellus for instance: Once he was riding his moke in the deep jungle that he heard a nymph crying. Marcellus immediately dismounted to investigate. He found out that the nymph was sobbing becuase she had been dumped by a human. Marcellus, in his almost infinate wisdom told the forlorn fairy that it is not safe for mythical beings to have relationship with sons of men. To cheer her up, Marcellus began to invoke Bacchus and his satyrs for a Bacchanalia.

He was not only wise and powerful but also considerate and attentive to well being of all God’s creatues natural and supernatural alike.

Or consider another story: once Marcellus was invoked by a prince to help him with the finance of his principality. He told the prince to cut the public expenses and take austerity measures. It was a painful reform and there was a temporary hiatus in peasants feasts. Many villagers hated him but he saved the prince and fiscal policy of his realm.

He was not just a spiritual leader but also the founder of modern political economy.

Thousands of years later Everything changed. There was no longer dark age. There were lights and laughters everywhere. His supporters become either obsolete or radicalized. People Began to forget about the man who helped the creation in time of peril.

Now everyone curses his name.



FOWC with Fandango — Theoretical

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